Based in Oxfordshire, England, Alan Bartlett is an experienced marketing consultant with a successful track record working with global brands and world-class organisations including: 3M; Bosch; Braiform; Bridgestone; Business & Decision; Durst; Epson; Hasselblad; IoC; Kodak; Kraft; Ministry of Sound; Mitsubishi Motors; Neff; Nikon; Polaroid; Porsche Club; SANYO; Siemens and The Post Office, as well as UK technology start-ups and not-for-profit organisations.

Our focus is on helping small and medium-sized enterprises optimise their online marketing communications activities and achieve their business goals.

By applying the expertise we’ve gained working with big global brands and taking an intelligent approach to digital marketing, we help small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), niche B2B brands and technology start-ups grow and prosper.

Our acknowledged expertise in creative imaging, interactive design, user experience and email marketing (using MailChimp tools) differentiates us from other agencies and consultants. And, yes, we’re used to working with constrained budgets and timescales. However, our thinking most definitely isn’t.